Is it confidential if I leave a phone message or email you to make a first appointment? I take your confidentiality very seriously and this will be discussed with you at our first meeting. 

Is what I discuss with you in our sessions confidential?  Our sessions are confidential but there are some exceptions which I will discuss with you at our first meeting.

How long is a session? Sessions with me are 60 minutes long.


What if I can't attend a session? I do understand when life happens, i.e illness, childcare problems etc, and if you can't make it I ask that you let me know as soon as possible. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are charged for.

Do I have to attend weekly? Counselling is most beneficial if there are not long gaps between sessions and I would encourage you to come weekly, at least in the beginning. If that might be an issue for you, i.e with work or shift patterns, we can talk about this. 

How long do I need counselling for? When you feel you are ready to end then we go our separate ways. You might get what you need from a couple of sessions or you might feel that you would benefit for something more long term. It's your choice.

How much is a session and how do I pay? My fee is £45 per session and I can be paid by cash or bank transfer. I hold some spaces for low cost counselling which are £25 per session for people experiencing financial hardship. If you let me know when contacting me, I can tell you if I'm able to offer this.

What if I want to take a break from counselling and then come back at a later date? Just get back in touch and if I have availability we can talk about what you need.

 Do you give advice?  Counselling is not about giving advice to questions such 'Should I quit my job' or 'Leave a relationship' etc and should empower you to feel more able to trust in your own decision making process. For that reason I don't give advice, instead I can help you work towards making choices that feel right for you.

What if I decide I don't want to come any more? Just let me know, either in your session or by the contact method we have agreed.

What happens to the data I share with you? You can see my GDPR statement here: