Counselling talking therapy for adults from aged 18 and upwards. Within easy reach of Wells, Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury, Street, and surrounding areas. In person counselling.

Do you relate to any of these?

  • I feel sad, exhausted and low and unable to motivate myself

  • I feel stressed and anxious and overwhelmed by life

  • I feel alone 

  • I feel misunderstood and like no one really gets me

  • I feel other people are always judging me

  • I don't like who I am

If you do, you're not alone....

These feelings are experienced by many of us at some point in our lives and can be a normal response to the stressors that can build up over time, and/or be feelings that have been with us for as long as we can remember.


Living with distressing or confusing feelings can be overwhelming and lonely and stop us living the life we want. The important thing to know is.. you don't need to struggle on alone!


Talking therapy can help reduce the intensity of the feelings that overwhelm you, increase your feeling of wellbeing, increase your understanding of how past experiences may be impacting you in the present and help you to make the changes you need to move forward.


My name is Jessica and I'm a qualified and experienced counsellor offering talking therapy with a person centred counselling approach, taking tools from other approaches to tailor the way I work with you.


I work in a warm and empathic way to enable you to talk about issues that are troubling you, and help you work through the confusion.


I offer skilled support in areas such as (but not limited to) anxiety, depression or low self-esteem, or situations such as a bereavement, relationship problems, stress or feeling stuck.


Whatever you are facing at the moment, I offer a space where you can feel heard and enabled to make changes to improve your wellbeing.


If you'd like to get in touch you can:-

Call and leave a message, use the contact form on the Contact me page, or you can email me. 

I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Therapeutic Counsellor
Dip. Couns (NCS Accredited)

Jessica Rewse-Davies

Tel: 07761 899292

Email: therapyinsomerset@gmail.com